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List of Programs
General Formulas
1. RPM
from SFM.
2. SFM from RPM
3. SMPM, Figures Surface Meters Per Minute from RPM and Diameter.
4. RPM SMPM , Figures RPM from Surface Meters Per Minute and Diameter.
5. TapDrill Size, Cut Tap exact hole size based on 75% thread percentage.
6. TapDrill Size, Roll Tap exact hole size based on 65% thread percentage.
7. Metric TapDrill Size, Cut Tap exact hole size based on 75% thread percentage.
8. Drill Point Length, based on drill diameter and angle
9. Hex Stock dimension Across Corners
10. Square Stock dimension Across Corners
11. Length To Diameter Ratio
12. MEANDIM, Based on Print Dimension & Tolerances,gives you Mean Dimension, Low Dimension & High Dimension
13. NUMBDRIL, Gives the Decimal Equivalent for Number Drills
14. LETTDRIL, Gives the Decimal Equivalent for Letter Drills

Milling Formulas
15. Threadmill G-Code, Line by Line G-Code of single pass threadmill program.
16. ToroMill, Calculates proper Speed and Feed from "true" cutting diameter for Torodial Milling Cutters.
17. RPM & IPM, from SFM and Chipload
18. RPM & IPR, from SFM and Chipload, Feed Per Rev on a Mill
19. SFM & Chipload, from RPM, IPM, # of teeth and Diameter of Cutter
20. Chipload from IPM, RPM and Number of Teeth in Cutter
21. Radial Chip Thinning Factor, Proper Chipload when using less than 1/2 the diameter of the cutter
22. 45 Degree Facemill Feeds, Increased Chipload when using 45 Degree Lead Facemill Cutter
23. Decreases Chipload, for Internal Circular Interpolation moves.
24. Increases Chipload, for External Circular nterpolation moves.
25. Metal Removal Rate, Cubic Inches per Minute
26. Metal Removal Rate / HP, Cubic Inches per Minute and the Horsepower Required for that Cut
27. Time in the Cut, based on cutter diameter, length of cut, feedrate and number of passes
28. True BallNose Cutter Diameter, based on depth of cut and diameter of ballnose, and RPM & IPM
29. TapFeed Inches per Minute, rigid or tension compression based on RPM and Pitch
30. MANFEED, On older manual machines, helps calculate Chipload and IPM.
31. Bolt Hole Circle, Gives X & Y axis coordinates for bolt hole circles based upon diameter, degree of starting hole and qty of holes.

Lathe Formulas
32. Radius to Angle G-Code, Lathe G-Code program calculated with Tool Nose Radius or without it, blends radii to angle and gives X & Z coordinates.
33. "Z" axis reference point for threading cycles, based on RPM and Thread Pitch
34. HELIXANGLE, For Laydown Threading Systems, figures the Proper Anvil to use for the Helix Angle of the Thread.
35. SMPM MMPR , Figures Surface Meters and MM per Rev from SFM and Inch Per Rev.
36. METTURN, Figures Surface Feet and Inch per Rev from Surface Meters and MM Per Rev.
37. Lathe Time in the Cut, based on Starting Diameter, Finished Diameter,length of cut, SFM, feedrate and number of passes
38. Smallest Effective Diameter for Desired SFM, based upon Max RPM
39. Micro Finish, based upon IPR and Toolnose Radius Amount
40. Cutoff Width Savings, based upon Tool Width and Material Costs
41. Turning Metal Removal Rate, Measure Efficiency of Tooling
42. Proper Centerline Height, based upon Width of Cutoff or Groove Tool

43-51. 9 Trig Functions for Right Angles when 2 Sides or 1 Side and 1 Angle is known

Sales & Savings
52. COSTMAKE , Figures Enduser Cost from List Price, Your Discount and the Profit you want to make.
53. OFFLIST, Figures Enduser Cost from Discount Off of List Price.
54. PROFIT, Figures Profit Margin from Your Cost and the Enduser Cost.
55. MILLSAVE,Shows how much a tool can save you over the current one. Great one for Salesman .
56. TURNSAVE, Shows how much a tool can save you over the current one. Great one for Salesman.

Estimating / Costing
57. Quantity of Inserts Needed for a Job, from Parts per Index
58. Quantity of Inserts Needed for a Job, from Time of Tool Life
59. Insert Cost per Part, Calculates Tool cost per Operation
60. Production Hours Needed to complete a job
61. Amount of Feet of Material needed for a job

Metric Conversions
62. MM to Inch
63. Inch to MM
64. Kilograms to Pounds
65. Pounds to Kilograms
66. Kilowatt to Horsepower
67. Horsepower to Kilowatt
68. Metric Thread Pitch to Threads per Inch

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