Grandchildren's Apology Kit

Letting your Grand Kids know what America
was like before The Socialist-Communist Takeover of 2009

The concept of this kit is to show your Grand Kids what a Great Country The United States of America once was.

This kit is intended to educate your Grandchildren as to why they are in a Socialist, possibly Communist controlled country some 20 to 30 years after you gathered these items.

* We suggest in this kit you include the following items:

1.) A $1 Bill from The United States of America.

Preferably from the 2006 issue date. These bills include the signature of Henry Paulson as Secretary of The Treasury. Mr. Paulson was the person who begged for the 700 Billion dollar Bank Bailout that started the huge Socialist-Nationalizing Crusade of various businesses.

2006 is instrumental as that is the year Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was voted in as Speaker of The House of Representatives.

Date Line: March 20, 2009: What the dollar can buy you.
Gallon of Gasoline =$2.00 average
Gallon of Milk =
Loaf of Bread =
20LB Exchange Tank of LP Gas =$15
1 Lb of sugar =
1 LB of Flour =
1 dozen Large Eggs =

2.) News Papers & CD's:
Find newspaper articles of President Barack Obama's Rise to fame and eventual victory which placed him in the White House.

Copy and burn a CD with as many youtube videos showing the congressional thievery that has taken place since that date of November 5th, 2008